Abdellah El Abbous
Abdellah El Abbous

Introducing Devinweb's New Email Approach !

In this post, you'll Discover how Devinweb team reworked their email communication process through Devinstock CRM. Learn how we accumulated years of experience to design and release a platform centric on solving business problems.

Devinstock is already streamlining the communications withing Devinweb and many other clients effortlessly !

Abdellah, Co-founer @ Devinstock is showcasing the vision of how every business can enhance the email interactions directly within the centric system.

Devinstock ERP offers

  • Effortless Account Setup: Quick and easy steps to add your email and connect it (Gmail, Gsuite, Outlook supported), ensuring that you're immediately ready to send and receive emails.
  • Built in Email Composition: Write emails with our user-friendly interface, and personalized email signatures and documents attachment .
  • Real-Time Replies: Instantaneous communication with our real-time reply feature, keeping your conversations flowing in your funnels.
  • Email Tracking: It allows you to know exactly what emails were opened and read, ensuring to write the right followup at the right time.
  • Sales Funnels & Opportunities: Create new funnels and sales opportunities, and learn to send targeted emails directly from the system to nurture your leads effectively, and comvert them to re.

Check this video from Devinstock YT channel !

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