Success stories

Resal: Digital gift cards portal

  • Early stage technical partner with Resal.
  • Migration of physical gifts (flowers, chocolates, etc.) to digital gift cards.
  • Development of Apis services and Core business applications.
  • Team support in different growth stages.

Mazad Aqar: Real Estate App

  • Online auction experience for real estate services.
  • Online, offline participation.
  • Product roadmap strategy development.
  • Development of mobile and management applications.

Ekliel: Sale your digital services

  • For content creators, manage the relationship with your audience in one place.
  • Digital products, sales management.
  • Live video meetings, recorded sessions.
  • Developing the tools you need to focus on offering and selling your services.

E-learning LMS

  • A complete SaaS learning management system LMS.
  • Create, manage and customize your e-learning organization.
  • Manage courses contents, tests, assignments, assessments.
  • Generate certificates.
  • Reports and statistics.

Social blogging platform

  • Makalcloud is a simple and easy way to create Arabic articles and content.
  • High quality contents: stories, self development, entrepreneurship.
  • Free and illimited.

Devinstock ERP

  • SaaS application that simplifies CRM, clients and sales management.
  • Inventory, products, suppliers management.
  • On premise and SaaS.

Devinpos: Point of Sale

  • A point of sale for store management.
  • CRM, clients and products.
  • Hardware support: touch screens, ipads and printers.

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